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Ask someone about the worst job they ever had and you’re likely in for a story. A babysitting gig from hell. A Steinbeck-esque tale about toiling in a fish-canning factory. Workplace bullying. Sexual harassment. Safety violations. Unreasonable demands. Unpaid overtime.

I’ve had some bad jobs, but to be honest, I’m…

Photo by Kristina Tripkovic on Unsplash

Sometimes, death is sudden. It jumps out at you like a mugger in a dark alley. Blackout. The next thing you know, you’re awake, alive, at your mother’s funeral, in harsh daylight, and a stranger, a pretty young hippie woman coming down from a mushroom trip, is standing up, telling…

Photo by Jeffery Erhunse on Unsplash

Our jobs don’t define who we are, not really. We all know that. We’ve read the tweets, laughed at the memes. And yet, here we remain. Asking people what they do. Including details about our professions in our online bios. Defining ourselves and others by what’s printed on our payslips…

My dog Harpo in his favorite park

Dogs make great companions — that much we all know. When a dog comes into your life, you gain a loyal friend, a pal to keep your loneliness at bay, which has been particularly relevant in this era of social distancing. You have someone to talk to in silly voices…

Express Yourself

Laptop open on a desk with lamp, wintry landscape outside the window.
Photo: Justin Kauffman/Unsplash

We hear it incessantly: We’re living in unprecedented times. Something we hear just as often but talk about a lot less is this: We’re all under constant pressure to use this unprecedented time. Everyone, it seems, has been taking up hobbies, baking banana bread, nurturing houseplants and sourdough starters, developing…

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